Game gets stuck on connecting to servers

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I just got this game for PS3, and every time I try to pause the game it wants to connect to the Far Cry 3 servers and gets stuck. The only thing I can do is quit through XMB and load up the last save. Even if I disconnect my PS3 it still continues to try and connect with the server. What the fuck is this shit. Is it down for maintenance or is there something I can do. I haven't gotten past the first mission where you hunt bore because I need to access my backpack and I can't pause or it tries to connect. Ugh

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Thanks for showing me how helpful the GB community is. Last time I come here for help. Anyways, I think it may have to do with PSN's maintanence.

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Maybe it's PSN, but then again Ubisoft is pretty much shit when it comes to server connections.

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Are u playing co op? If not u could just play the game offline.

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