To anyone wanting to enjoy this game, know this.

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F.E.A.R 3 is not a continuation of F.E.A.R 1 or 2 in fact it is not a F.E.A.R game at all for the names multiple similarities is a total coincidence, the games have two different developers and are totally different. This game has no atmospheric single player or any of what makes a fear game a fear game. This game is more like Left 4 Dead in the way that it has a paper thin story to set up you and your freind playing through the fun, co op campain. Much like Left 4 Dead, the games multiplayer is more cooperative game types for you and four friends to play for an afternoon like a survival mode or a scorebased variant of said survival. Bottom line, you want to enjoy F.E.A.R 3 don't confuse it with those other games with the same name.
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how do you know that it is not continuation of FEAR 2? as far as I got information, FEAR 3 is continued to connect with the end of FEAR 2 event. so if you just say so with your sense, you have no idea. the game improved much better than fear 2 in terms of gameplay for SP, MP, UI. especially, I like instant check how I do with push F1 button. all achievement is hidden which gives me more curious what kind of achievement I will get next. by the way, because of the game concept, graphic quality seems still dull or fade effect a lot. the whole texture is not really clear at all. other than that, I like it so far. 

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