Have you ever pooped your pants?

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Third Grade.
Field trip to the waterpark, I didn't know where the bathrooms were and shit my swimtrunks. I tried to waddle over to the bushes but it fell out, right in the middle of the park. I like to think nobody knew it was mine, even though I probably had a massive shitstain on my trunks.

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Yes. I pooped them when I was at football practice with a squiffy tummy.

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Yup. I did it when I was 19. I was at work after a heavy night of drinking and shat myself. I immediately left work to go home and shower.
Never again.

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One time at a Boy Scout camp in 4th or 5th grade. I almost fucking made it too, but I shit my pants as I was pulling them down in the stall.

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Erm... yes. Did have a bit of stomach trouble a few years ago. I pretty much spent a week on the toilet. The unfortunate side effect of that was that if I coughed or sneezed, well... shit happened.

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Who hasn't?

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I most certainly have. Only once, noticeably, and that was in about 5th grade. I was in my kitchen (linoleum floor, phew!) and one barreled down my left leg and out my pants completely without warning. I was talking to my sister and hilarity ensued. I was horrified and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I can't remember if I left a trail. 
And a couple years ago, I was going for a run after drinking some black coffee (bad... bad idea), when I though I should relieve some gas tension in my stomach. So, I tried to push the fart out, but instead was greeted with a small smattering of poo all over my underwear. I didn't even realize I'd shit myself until I went to take a shower afterward. 
This must be why I still find all poo-related jokes absolutely hilarious.

#9 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Hell no, but I had a close call once. A few years back, I was walking to my barracks after work and my stomach started hurting. I could barely walk, but I managed to make it to my room and squat on my toilet. Whatever I ate fucked me up.

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This is just in bad taste and I can't see this going anywhere good - let's clean it up a little, please. 


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