Okay, so how the hell does online ranked matchmaking work?

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I've just got Fifa 12, and have to say it's a damn fine football simulation. However, trying to find an online ranked game is a bafflingly complicated process. Can anyone explain this digital labyrinth of menu options to me? Thanks in advance.

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It's weird. They've removed the simple head to head match. I think if you want to have a ranked game against someone online you have to go on Head to Head Seasons. Players are now put in divisions based on their skill level (similar to Starcraft) and can get promoted and demoted. I'm not 100% on all this because I don't play much of the head to head seasons stuff but I think this is right.

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Head to head seasons are just a way of trying to keep people playing against people at the same skill level, where the previous xp system made bad people who always loose progress just as good people who don't

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...play a lot.

Just play and when you but the points to be promoted you will start playing better people in the next league. If it is too tough for you you will be relegated and play people around you own ability.

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