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122790 ReverendHunt Game Overview 07/20/14 02:22PM 16 Approved
122301 egg_zoo_bear_ant_will91 New Release 07/18/14 08:43AM 7 Approved
120261 clidus Game Overview Missing first release date 07/07/14 02:01PM 5 Approved
115127 HyperPaul New Release 06/15/14 08:39PM 7 Approved
104003 clidus Game Overview Available on PSN (PS3). 05/04/14 05:38AM 2 Approved
99294 mustafaeurfali Game Overview 04/11/14 12:33AM 4 Approved
98949 PitifulLoser Game Overview Added game details. Fixed materia title mistakes. 04/08/14 10:55PM 10 Approved
98392 clidus Game Overview Not sure why, but someone removed platform (and other information). Restored platforms. 04/05/14 09:52AM 17 Approved
87692 seamuspaxman Game Overview The summary felt a bit biased with lines that read "the most celebrated RPG of all time" 02/08/14 10:07PM 6 Approved
74844 Jagged85 Game Overview 12/13/13 09:08AM 28 Approved
74763 Jagged85 Game Overview 12/12/13 10:00PM 6 Approved
66496 Jagged85 Game Overview 11/02/13 01:11PM 23 Approved
41126 c0l0nelp0c0rn1 Game Overview release date sourced from 07/06/13 09:36AM 8 Approved
40691 DaBuddaDa New Release 07/04/13 04:12AM 7 Approved
40657 BeachThunder Game Overview 07/04/13 01:37AM 3 Approved
29832 crankystorming New Release 05/13/13 01:45PM 7 Approved
17061 Video_Game_King Game Overview You know what? How about I just delete the NPC images? Their formatting was fucked. 03/25/13 08:50PM 26 Approved
13964 Video_Game_King Game Overview This page is a mess. Somebody should proofread this to make sure there isn't anything else wrong with it. 03/15/13 08:21PM 404 Approved

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