Anyone Else Surprised Yoko Shimoura Did The Game's Score?

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I'm surprised I'm saying this but Yoko Shimoura might be Square's next Nobuo Uematsu.  For people who don't know, she's the main composer for the Kingdom Hearts series.  She has been going around video game companies for years before her time at Square, and after her time with Square she ended up freelancing.   
Despite all this, she ended up taking Nomura's offer to do the KH2 OST and she kept close ties with the franchise.  KH music has never been that great, let's be honest here.  The piano melodies drive that score more than it needs to, and the battle themes are just Disney tunes remixed.  Aside from the boss music, most of the music isn't that memorable.   
She also did music for other RPGs for some other companies too, but again...nothing really stood out.  However, over the past few years she has only shown two tracks from Versus XIII that she had made.  The one is the calming piano with the latin lyrics...and the other is that ear opening opera that might end up being the boss theme or something.   
I still can't believe the woman who wrote the KH music is making the music she's making now.  Normally you don't see growth like this, but holy shit.  She's producing music at a level that most game composers can't touch.  The crazy part is that we only heard two of her tracks, and there are more than likely many more.   
As much as V13 is getting praise for graphics and whatnot, I think a lot of people are overlooking the music....and it's all thanks to this woman.  A woman who I would have never thought would make scores like this.  Too be honest, I thought the music for V13 was done via you can see the shock I had when I realized Yoko wrote it all.   
She's one composer that people shouldn't look over, and I think more companies should hire her up...seeing as she is freelancing right now.     
Her music went from mediocre to unbelievable in a short 6-8 year span.  :|

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I would rather have the guy that did the new One-Winged Angel song on Final Fantasy VII Advent Children or Otherworld on Final Fantasy X, but it looks like this chic knows what she's doing.

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She birthed this: 

and this: 
Along with their respective soundtracks. That is all you need to know about her. She is awesome, and yes, I do believe she is the next Nobuo Uematsu. I really hope she gets the position of "main composer" for the rest of the Final Fantasy franchise.
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@AuthenticM said:

"I really hope she gets the position of "main composer" for the rest of the Final Fantasy franchise. "

She left Square though, if she really wanted to be the new main composer for FF, she wouldn't have left.  I always thought that Yasunori Mitsuda was going to be the next proper composer...but he left Square too.  Such a shame, the FF franchise has no real composer to take up Uematsu's's like everyone is too afraid to do it. 
Unless you count Masashi Hamauzu, but his scores are either great or shit.
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Good for her.  Love her music.

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Why would I be?  She scored the Kingdom Hearts games, Versus XIII is being made by the Kingdom Hearts team.

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You know what would have blown my mind? If Square had snatched Akira Yamaoka when he left Konami. That would have been killer. Man... the thought of him scoring a dark Final Fantasy like Versus. Only good things could have come out of such a beautiful equation.

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@KaosAngel said:
KH music has never been that great, let's be honest here.
Stopped reading right there.
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KH music unmemorable, you say? Oh, that must be why I can play back the entire series' soundtrack inside my head. No, I'm not surprised at all. In fact, I knew Shimomura was composing the soundtrack the moment I watched the very first trailer on the livestream of the E3 2006 Sony press conference. Shimomura is my favorite composer, and her music has always been instantly recognizable to me. I wouldn't have been nearly as excited for this game if it had Takeharu Ishimoto's crappy Crisis Core music.

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@RaccoonusDoodus said:

" @KaosAngel said:

KH music has never been that great, let's be honest here.
Stopped reading right there. "
....dude the only good tracks in KH were the piano solos.  Everything else was Disney themes remixed or mediocre boss battles.  >.>   
It's like she completely changed in the past 8 years. 
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The only thing about the KH soundtrack that I remember is the main theme of the second game.

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