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You Want Me to Stick My Fingers WHERE!?

Japan Studio's Finger Connection is another game in their 2-player games that require one PSP. This one is a little bit different. Instead of each player using buttons and a shoulder button on each side, each player uses their whole hand on the screen. 
Have you ever played Twister? My guess is that half of you that just said yes are lying. Twister is a board game where you spin a spinner and have to place a body part on a mat. The mat has colored dots where you place your body. For example "Left hand on green." You may be wondering what that has to do with anything. Well, Finger Connection is Twister for the PSP. And instead of using your hands and feet, you use your fingers. You must spin the digital spinner, place the selected finger on the matching colored dot on the screen, and if you lift any fingers up, you lose.
After I bought this game, I had no choice but to play with myself (Ha!!). Let me tell you something, playing this game alone is a horrible experience. Nothing is sadder than someone sitting alone at a table, tying their fingers in a knot over a PSP. 
Once you get two players together though, oh boy, does the fun start. I got my friend Pete to play this with me ("I'll buy you a pack of cigarettes if you try this PSP game.") and damn, that must've been the most awkward experience ever. We ended up playing 2 rounds. One round I won because the spinner sucks at randomizing. Every turn the spinner picked index finger, so I had an easy time, while poor Pete had to make poses that would make a person who knew sign language call out BS. The second time, we each spun twice before realizing this was awkwardly close to holding hands, so we ended the session. It doesn't help that the digital voice gives you 5 seconds before repeating the voice prompt. 
"Place your ring finger on green"
"How the fuck am I supposed to-"
"Place your ring finger on green"
"Place your ring finger on green"
Now, I might just be playing this with the wrong person. I mean, based on the sensual description ("The longer you can last, the higher the chance of you and your partner having a...wait for it...finger connection"), I really should have tried to play it with someone else. But damn, how in the hell do you start that conversation? "Hey baby, wanna see if we have a finger connection?" Seriously, a better method to break the ice with a girl would be ripping off your shirt with a message painted on your body.
This game is only 2 bucks, but even if you went in half and half with a friend. Why would you subject yourself to this torture? 
This is the kind of present you buy for someone just to piss them off. Hey, I got an idea.  At the time of this writing, Mother's Day is a few days away. Why don't you buy this, bring it up to her, and ask her to play with you. Will it be awkward? Yes. Will it make you feel 13 kinds of wrong? Yes. But will it be quality time spent with Mom? Definitely yes. When was the last time you spent time with your Mom. This is just the tool to do it, if you hate your mom, that is.

Posted by DuderBattalion

Nice review .. really enjoyed reading through it and also through some of your blog posts. I really think more people should be reading your posts .. but too bad it's kinda hard to sift through quality content on Giantbomb right now. Anyways .. keep on trucking dude .. good stuff !

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