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Flow manages to captivate players with its simplistic charm

One of the most anticipated Playstation Store games has finally hit the market. Flow represents an interesting concept of having a gameplay experience yet not really being a game itself. Flow is more of an experience you can just sit back and go with the flow.

Flow was originally a Flash game made by college students. While you can still play the Flash version of Flow online the new version is essentially a different experience. The gameplay is the same as you play an organism that can eat up other organisms and grow bigger. The game has a total of 5 forms you can play as with each form having around 10 or so zones that you can level up in. Flow isn’t a long game and it’s possible for one to finish the game in around 2 hours. But the concept of Flow isn’t about how long it is or how many enemies you kill, it’s all about sitting back and just enjoying the experience. The graphics in Flow may not have the powerhouse visuals like Motorstorm but once again Flow isn’t all about the visuals. However the game does have some amazing imagery. Seeing your white colored character against the dark backdrop of the level with particles flowing really is a treat to see. It’s also really cool seeing some the ‘boss’ organisms you face since some of them take up the entire screen. Some other reviews of Flow have mentioned cases of slowdown which is in the game but it’s not really noticeable nor does it affect gameplay.

Perhaps the best feature of Flow is the music. Similar to the cult game Rez, Flow features an interactive music setup. So every time you eat an organism a musical cue is played. So when you really get your flow going and eat multiple organisms you’re given a really cool musical combo. Flow also has some really calming music and you may find yourself just listening to the music that plays on the XMB selection screen since its so relaxing.

Flow also uses the Sixaxis controller to control your organism. It does take awhile getting used to since some organisms have different speeds but after half an hour it’s possible to play the game with one hand since the controls are really responsive.
As you progress through the different zones and forms you will encounter a really cool mix or organisms. Some organisms form defensive shields or will attack you in groups while others can go stealth and attack you with paralyzing venom. Overtime as you change forms you will get different abilities, such as the stealth and paralyzing power, which keeps the game fresh.

In the end Flow is not a true revolutionary title but it is something you should check out. Flow may not have that long term replayability that other games have but it’s something you should support since the game industry could use more titles like this instead of another WWII fps or sports game

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