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I defeated Penguin and Black Mask and rescued the warden. The warden needs me to find the secret entrance to his office back in the industrial portion of the prison. The thing is I have no idea where the secret entrance is. I think it has something to do with the water pipe in the sewers that I couldn't get past before right before the Solomon Grundy boss fight. I have no idea how to get back there. What do I do? Did I have the wrong idea?

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are your talking about Arkham City? Solomon Grundy doesn't appear in Origin

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@crithon: This is about Origins Blackgate, which does have Grundy.

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@shagge: christmas booze, fogs my memory

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If it's the part I think it is you need to go to where Black Mask shot an engineer. Right around there you should find weak spots in the floor to blow.

The map in this game is an absolute clusterfuck.

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