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I saw this on the windows 8 app store today and was wondering if anyone had bought it. I have the trial version and I have access to all the characters but I'm wondering what's different in the paid version. I can only do score attack, versus, and arcade. I can also play 2 player. I am seriously considering purchasing it if they give access to all the regular modes, most especially training. I need to learn how to use the keyboard for this game!

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@xyzygy: It's terrible. Jeff has blasted that version of the game on two separate occasions (one was on the second most recent podcast, I believe). You've seen the full extent of the game. Even when you buy it, there is no story mode, and there is no online multiplayer (according to Jeff).

I assume it's 2 player local? Also, I assume "Arcade" is different from the story mode? Jeff seemed very sure that it didn't have the story mode at all.

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if i recall the pc port is an emulated arcade cabinet .. i.e no home console options , its not that they took it out , it never was in this version

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The full version is the same as the trial version, it's just time locked 60 minutes I think, before it makes you buy it.

It's a fine version but not being to increase the resolution and have the art scale up to 1080p is a bummer.

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Yeah, I guess it's just a lite version of the game. It's only 7 dollars, so I guess it's not like it's a rip or anything, but I still would rather have the full version with the training room. I spend so, so much time in training rooms... Thanks for the heads up everybody.

I don't think it's meant to replace the GFWL version, so I can understand it only having these 3 modes. Like I said, just a lite version.

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No online, Sucks dont buy. I'd buy Pac MAc CE DX or Skulls of the shogun before this.