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I suggested an idea on my Giant Bomb circle on Google+ that I could share people a collection of bombcast highlights for our listening pleasure. They were totally down for it. So along came a .rar file of highlights of Giant Bombcast's from the last few years. These files were the ones I personally had. There are certainly more that I have yet to come across. I would like to thank those who compiled the original youtube videos from which this audio collection could not be possible.

So a brief "beta" It is now available on Giant Bomb.


https://rapidshare.com/files/1841953339/Giant_Bombcast_Highlights.rardetails at bottom of post)

So here's the track listing for the .mp3 files;

  • Giant Bomb Hot 97 Radio Ad
  • I'm a Wizard
  • Jeff's Plea
  • Brad and Vinny get Duped
  • Jeff Green presents DSiware Releases
  • batmanbatmanbatman.com
  • Jeff's Greatest Moment
  • Giant Bombstep
  • No New Releases
  • 08/03/10 Nintendo Download New Releases
  • Charmingly Garrulous
  • Dinosaurs Humping Cars
  • Vinny's Law
  • Muh Balls
  • Whack That Banana
  • Michael Cera is...
  • POW Block anyone?
  • On The Moon
  • Authenticity
  • Whirl World
  • Crap Nap
  • Vinny Drops The C Word
  • Family Go Kart Racing
  • Pheonix Down
  • Camping Question
  • Gaming For Me is a Religion
  • Something in the back of your Throat
  • Drunk Michael Ironside
  • Confusion with European Press
  • Jeff and Cow Poop
  • Marcus Fenix at Home
  • Keeping it Webinar nar Bro
  • DSiware Fleshlight
  • My Exotic Farm... or is it My Farm?
  • Giant Bomb tries Swedish Candy
  • Ryan Leaves The Room
  • Pizzas in Space
  • I Could Eat Dick's All Day
  • The Big C
  • Why So Many Wrestlers Become Crackpots
  • The Ever Changing Definition of Classic Rock
  • Muppet Talk
  • Vinny's Frustration with Dark Souls
  • Bombcast Bombination Skylander's Spyro Adventure
  • Michael Bay's Transformers Catastrophe
  • Naming the New Xbox
  • The Beetlejuice Reboot
  • Will Smith's Executable Decision
  • Vinny wants to get a Racing Wheel
  • Jeff Recounts his Miami Experience
  • Ryan is a NARC
  • Giant Bombstep: Reloaded
  • Don't Take Jeff's Pennies away from Him
  • Jeff Give's His Case for Swatch Internet Time
  • Jeff Talks about his TV Wormhole

I hope this piques your interest.

- - - PLEASE NOTE:THIS IS A 400MB .RAR FILE. TOTAL LENGTH OF ALL TRACKS COMBINED: 4 HOURS. Sound quality is variable as they were ripped from youtube video clips done by the community. - - -

*I can only apologise if these tracks are not indexed. They should be, but if not. I'm sorry.

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DAAAAAAMN SON! Nice compilation you've got there. I'm definitely going to check it out when I get home.

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Thanks man! Love shit like this.

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I wish I would have known, I have something like 40 tracks to share.

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Just a heads up, my dropbox just gave me a 3-day ban because of heavy traffic. Woopsie Daisy.

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Is Yakuza 3 RAAAAAAAAAH SEGA not in there? Fail hard, duder, and that shit's on YouTube.

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*Waits for three days to pass"

If you made it downloadable from somewhere else I would be grateful!

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A ban because you basically used the service too much is really weird to me. Even more so when their site says, "Free Dropbox accounts start at 2 GB of space that you can use for as long as you like." I understand why they want to limit the use of the free accounts, but it seems like it could be handled better. I can't find anything on their site about what the limit is or anything.

Anyways, I'm definitely interested in grabbing this file when I can. Would be cool to listen to it some while I play through ME3 again.

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Please mediafire this I NEED IT!!!

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Hot darn.

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Cant the people that have downloaded it be kind enough to re-upload it elsewhere?

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Michael Cera is...Halo

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Someone please upload it somewhere else, this is to good too not have.

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Oh please get this up somewhere else, I have an eight hour drive later this week and this would be perfect.

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While this three day wait grinds on, check out the Giant Bombcast best of 2008, 2011; also best-of 2009 will be out tomorrow!

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I'm in the process of uploading to RapidShare and will update OP when it's done. Hold on to your hats!

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@MetalBaofu: @IAmNotBatman: @MetalBaofu: @ArchV1le: @TheKramer89: @Liam_mk: @ckeats: Your prayers have been answered, check OP. I hope the link works. If not I'll try somewhere else.

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This is great and all, but you really should have included the "Psychic-dog-immortality-cat/chicken-and-dumplings-out-of-dog's-ass" discussion as well as the recent "Space slingshot" discussion.

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@Harkat: I'll save them for a second batch in the near future.

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Ooh great job dude! This was needed!

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Awesome, Rhombus. I'm downloading it now. I've really wanted something like this, because I only got into the site in this last year and a half, so this type of thing is perfect for me.

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I thought I could finally hear these golden moments, but lo...

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@RhombusOfTerror: Downloading now. Thanks, dude.

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Man this is rad! I've just been going back to youtube to listen to the highlight but a. its ridiculous to be taking up precious processing speed on my computer needed for Diablo 3 and B. DUDE... 3 hours of Random Bombcast just sounds awesome!