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I use iTunes to download and manage all of my podcasts, and just now noticed something about the Bombcast artwork that has me a little baffled. When you look at the Bombcast in the iTunes Store, both on PC and iPhone, it shows one of the early years of the Bombcast (the one with the crew pre-Patrick running across a cloud with a rainbow in the background). However, when I download the podcast on my MacBook Air, it loads the current Bombcast artwork (the one with Patrick taking an arrow in the head, with his body in an old leather chair). This wouldn't bother me except when I download the same podcast from my iPhone, the old pre-Patrick artwork is used. Obviously this isn't the biggest problem in the world, but I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into why this is happening. My questions are thus:1. Is this iTunes specific? I know that there are other sources for the Bombcast and was wondering if anyone who doesn't use iTunes encountered this same issue.

2. Why is the feed in iTunes (both on my MacBook Air and iPhone) showing the pre-Patrick artwork before the podcast is downloaded?

3. Why is the new post-Patrick artwork used when I download the podcast from my MacBook Air, but the pre-Patrick artwork used when I download the same podcast directly to my iPhone?

Any help or assistance in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Here are photos of iTunes both from my computer and iPhone to help illustrate the issue.

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Huh. I always DL straight from my iPhone so I've never seen the one with Patrick. Haha

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I've noticed this too. I use iTunes as well and I guess it's just a glitch or they just never uploaded the current artwork for mobile devices with iTunes.

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This is my favorite Bombcast artwork.

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No idea why it does that but same thing for me when I do a straight DL on my Ipod its either the rainbow or my favorite Season 3 one but when DL from my puter it is the most recent one now if I could only get Season 3's intro music back...

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I have no idea how it works but I would assume that when they registered with itunes they used that original rainbow artwork and they either haven't or cannot change it down the line.

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The artwork in my iTunes shows the Arrow Pointing Down logo, the upside-down A.

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Ah Kevin Smith podcasts, I remember those. Then they released waaay too many and overkilled it to death.Tell 'Em Steve Dave was the last one hanging on but had to let that go too in the end.

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It might have something to do with the last episode you listened to. When I'm listening to an episode from 2009 on my iPod, it uses the 2009 art. And for awhile it was using the Arrow Pointing Down art.