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I live in England so the E3 Podcast streams start at 4amish which is a little too late esp as they generally last about 3 hours.

I was wondering if anyone knew when an audio stream would go up - I appreciate they are busy so I understand why they don't bang it up straight away - but does anyone know. Or is there someplace else I can go apart from Itunes to get one? Bout to leave for the day and want their wise words on me lug'oles.

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I am a dirty monarchist and would also like to know. I understand though that it's not the most pressing matter for the bomb squad, I'd imagine sleep is quite important!

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Count me as interested as well. In the past, they've uploaded them like a normal podcast, so I was hoping that'd happen again.

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I went to the twitch giantbomb channel and there appears to be close to an 45 mins missing after the first archived videos to the next one. I wanted to hear their thoughts on Ubisoft :-(