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This has been one of my favourite parts of having Drew on the Bombcast is this. Just his off the cuff lines into the mic has my laughing hard

One of mine is from on of the Bombcasts during the Summer:

Jeff: ...and Peggle has been delayed till November

Drew: WHAT?!

Listened to it so many times. Its the little things that make it

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Drew's off mic screams are my new favorite part of the show.

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Drew does not usually say much but now and again will quip in with something rather clever that goes unnoticed. He said something on one of the GOTY bombcasts. I can't remember what though.

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I can't think of any specific ones, but they're all pretty damn funny moments.

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Though I cannot summon up any one specific moment, there have been many times where Drew has shrewdly allowed us to glimpse at his sense of humor while the other guys are talking and it always gives me a chuckle. I think one particular incident was around halloween when Vinny was telling tales of busy halloween streets, and Drew inferred children were speedbumps. Yeah, that was pretty good.

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I agree, Drew is a very funny guy.

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"I'm dressed as a speed bump"!

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Drew is a good man, and a funny one. And leads a life so different from the other Bombers that it makes his stories refreshing. Go Drew!

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Lego Island.

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@deadpan said:

Jeff: ...and Peggle has been delayed till November

Drew: WHAT?!

Listened to it so many times. Its the little things that make it

You got the episode number and time stamp handy?

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Is this the latest and greatest Drew Appreciation thread? If so, I'm down to join in on the fun.

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I like the status confirmation of whether or not Drew is standing at the start of every podcast. That should become a feature.

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We need some kind of compilation video for these.

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My favorite Drew moment is from one of the E3 livestreams when he hit Jeff with a thrown water bottle for making a pun.

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Bombcast 12/10/2013 - 1:23:15 to 1:23:36 (Talking about Peggle 2)

Jeff: So anytime you, get like a really high scoring shot, it'll automatically record a game clip


Jeff: But it's not the whole shot.

Drew: SUCKS!

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@sgtsphynx: Yeah, that was pretty great.

Crack Shot Scanlon.

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Dude is super nice in real life too.

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When the first ad for the podcast came on:


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I love that Drew is on the podcast now. Him telling Brad he's out of his mind for thinking dota should be higher was great.

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"They talked in LEGO Island, Brad."

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my favourite was his absolutely perfect interjection of the radio alarm clock from groundhog day , he even managed to make it sound tinny and distant somehow

"put your little hand in mine..."

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@anwar said:


exactly the one that sprung to mind for me, during the first (I think?) Bombcast advertisement.

Also, not really a scream, but Drew really quietly made an outstanding Predator reference during one of Brad's Volgarr the Viking streams that cracked me up to no end.

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I forget which video it was (maybe you guys can help) but there's a video where Drew got LEGITIMATELY angry when one of the camera fell while they were doing a quick look or something. Pretty funny stuff cuz he's always so quiet and well-mannered.

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Does this count?

EDIT: Holy shit, how did I not see this posted already? Fuck it, I'm leaving it here anyway.

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wasn't screamed offmic but i loved his delayed "Shit's tight!" as Edge Casey.

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@counterclockwork87: yeah, I want to say it was a Bradley May Cry as well

When the first ad for the podcast came on:


This is the best one.

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@automatontribe said:

"I'm dressed as a speed bump"!

Yes. I laughed so when he shouted that.

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"They talked in LEGO Island, Brad."

"What's LEGO Island?"

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This one's out of place, but still features Drew:

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Drew is secretly the funniest duder of them all. he's so quiet, but whenever he talks, it's either wicked-interesting or the comedy highlight of the podcast. I don't understand how the rest of them don't crack up whenever he says the shit he says.

Never change, Drew. never change.

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