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I can't find a topic on this so I'll just ask. I'm an avid listener of the podcast and user of the site. Every week I download the podcast and I especially look forward to the GOTY bonus podcasts (I drive 2 hours a day for work). I know you can stream them off the site, and even download the mp3, but why aren't the GOTY podcasts showing up on itunes? I checked my iphone and itunes proper and the most recent one is from 12/18. Any ideas guys? Or am i missing something really obvious? (probably).

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Right click on the podcast and select "update podcast."

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@Cleric22: They've been showing up in iTunes for me, though for some reason Tuesday's podcast appeared as "Unknown Album" instead of the usual "Giant Bombcast."

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Why don't you just subscribe to them through Apple's podcast app? It updates instantly there.

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There on the Apple Podcast app fine, updated automatically.

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Thanks guys. The reason I'm not subscribed is I rarely use my computer to update my phone. It's usually when I'm switching out playlists or music. As far as podcasts go I usually know what day their posted and just click the "find more episodes" button on my phone. This is the only time I've run into a problem with it, but I'll be sure to subscribe in the future and take care of it that way.