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Four out of five tracksuit doctors agree, insane stop-motion animations of Bombcast clips are now a required part of a nutritious breakfast.

I know I love 'em!

But, how can this be made manifest? To me, "Final Cut" is one of Cloud's limit breaks?!

Fear not, the duders abide! But before I make this request, I thought of some reasonable ground rules.

  1. It can't already exist. There are getting to be a lot of these, so I spent at least as long searching for this clip as I did cutting it out to post here.
  2. It has to be actually funny. Not just "I'm drunk and tired" funny. And long enough to get creative. And rich with imagery. Rich like Gallup.
  3. I'm asking because I have no video skills, so I'm not going to tell someone how it should look. Their creation, their vision.
  4. Here's the clip, if you're up for the challenge. I'm not going to give you a timestamp and expect you to do the legwork. If you're inspired by it, GET NAO!

So if this catches on, it's a stable request thread for new and old clips alike. If it doesn't, I'd be delighted if someone felt like doing just this one! :D

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Posted 13 hours ago, still no replies. People are hard at work...

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awesome idea, I should've made some timestamps as I was listening the bombcast from the start(didn't catch up to the point where I started listening regularly), I never heard the old ones before.

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man i wish i was talent enough to make a cartoon for this but until then i sit any wait . also bombcast is awesome