#1 Posted by jomacha (54 posts) -

 the bombcast is not downloading for me i dont know if its just me or if it is everybody

#2 Posted by BlackWaterCO (1574 posts) -

yeah it's messed up

#3 Posted by patrick (563 posts) -

As in the download starts and it doesn't work or the download button doesn't work for you? Just look at the mp3 link in the feed and download it from there if it's the latter.

#4 Posted by Sarge1442 (9 posts) -

well it wont link me to any thing rss or anything

#5 Posted by Vasta_Narada (465 posts) -

Yeah, same. The buttons for download and feed don't have links attached to them according to my computer. This sucks, I was hoping to get some Bombcast in tonight.