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In the most recent bombcast Patrick says he has the go ahead to build a new gaming PC next month (November). And while I'm sure he can get a lot of help specing and building the rig, I thought I'd give him a little help with a build as well. Please feel free to include your own! Now what he said is that he only wants to spend between $700-$800, so lets keep it in that range. He mentioned he would primarily use a TV as a monitor so I won't include an actual PC monitor in my build. No matter what you choose Patrick, I wish you luck and good gaming with your eventual gaming PC!

Case = The Corsair Carbide Series 400RI feel is a decent case. It's tool free, looks to have good room and has 3 fans.

Motherboard = ASRock P67for a Intel Processor, USB 3.0 and onboard sound card.

CPU = Intel Core i3-3220is considered a very good gaming proc by Tom's Hardware. Not great for overclocking, but I'm assuming Patrick isn't into that. Can be swapped for something beefier if need be.

Power Supply = OCZ ModXStream Proprovides 600W of power, should be more than enough to run whatever hardware you need.

RAM = G.Skill 8GBram is super cheap now a days. 8GB should be enough for any current games.

Video Card = RadeonHD 7850also gets a good review from Tom's Hardware. Good performance, good price and doesn't use a ton of energy.

Hard Drive = WD 1TBI didn't go with a SSD, but it's certainly possible to add one to this setup as the primary drive and this one as a secondary. I did this to save money, but if Patrick is willing to spend the extra dough on a SSD it will be a bit faster for sure.

I would also include a DVD drive, but those are so cheap I didn't include it here. Same with Mouse/Keyboard. Any suggestions on my build or builds of your own? I'm actually thinking about building a new PC for myself (my 6th) in December. May use this case, as i like the way it looks. Not too flashy.

The price I get for this build is right around $800. And with the decent power supply and motherboard I feel like it's very upgradeable with a new GPU or a SSD.