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Hey guys.

I'm trying to find the episode where they talk about the Neo Geo games that they'd each put in their hypothetical cabinets. I think this might have been an email question, and I think this was only within the last year or so. This is sort of related to a Ryan Davis memorial group thing happening in a week, so if anyone has any pointers, that would be great. It's not the episode where Patrick got his cabinet, at any rate.

Edit: It's not the 2012 CAX episode either.

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I'm curious about this as well. For no real reason. Bump.

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In the meantime, I guess I'll keep updating with which podcast it isn't. I don't have the heart to skip around; once I start up a bombcast I'm compelled to listen to the whole thing.

The 7-17-12 podcast, in which CPS2 boards and hummingbird masks are discussed, is not the episode I am looking for.

Listen to a recent bombcast recently? Did they not talk about Neo Geo games? Feel free to let me know about that too. It'll make looking a little easier.

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I remember Jeff talking about Cyber-Lip that episode, and how Ronald Reagan was actually evil. I think Brad wanted Magical Drop and Nam 75...

On a google search I saw someone say Jeff talked about Cyber Lip the week of 10-23-2012, but I remember them talking about this further back than this, and I suspect this was in discussion related to that Steel Batallion for the kinect. I'll give it a listen and report back.

I'd say key podcasts to look at are in the month or two following California Extreme. It was most likely after Patrick joined, since his cab had Street Hoop on it and that would have spurred SNK talk.

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Fuck, I think I was way off on my guesses, here's something I came up with:


You posted in this thread, and it was a year and a half ago, so I will assume that your idea that the podcast was only a year or so old is due to faulty memory.

Posts say 3 years 3 months ago, so when was that exactly? April 2010?

I'll listen to 4-6 and 4-13 today and let you know.

Edit: 4/6 has Will and Norm on it, so not that one.

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Haha, thanks. I still think the 90's was like, a decade ago at most.

I have a feeling that the episode was after that post, because I remember thinking when I heard it that they had touched on the issue a couple times in the past, but this specific question asked them to spell it out clearly. It's totally possible that that mental timeline is completely off though.

I appreciate everyone's help in the matter. I feel like it was in close proximity to a bombcast where they were also talking about old retro games in general, but that might be completely my imagination. At any rate, right now I'm listening to the October 2012 bombcast that has the picture of the pile of famicom games (the Raid episode).

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Found it, 3-30-2010. Its an email question at 2:12:10

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I come in to post another bombcast that it's not, and I find this.

You are a goddamn hero, and you were right, my memory was just totally off. That's not at all where I would have been looking around. Thanks Duder.

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Ok lets see if I can remember from memory

Money puzzle exchanger

Samurai Showdown 2

Neo Turf Masters

Bust A Move (Puzzle Bobble)

KoF '98

Metal Slug