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I am not sure if he will see this. But Patricks problem he described with hooking up his computer to his TV sounds very similar to a problem I had with my Projector setup.

When initially setup my projector room and hooked up my computer via DVI-HDMI I had a pretty good sized black bar on the right hand side of my screen. I tried a ton of resolutions and projector settings but couldn't fix it. Eventually if found that adjusting my Refresh Rate (Screen Resolution > Advanced Settings > Monitor tab) to 50 Hz immediately fixed my problem. Strangely enough the PC attached to my projector gives me a 59 Hz option that the projector still reads at 60 Hz and it still removes the black bar this is what I currently use.

I hope Patrick sees this and finds it help full I guess I could try to look him up on twitter or some other way but I will see how this goes first.