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Yup, that's it. I really like it when the cast comes back from that thing with all kinds of dumb stories. I'd love a road movie type of thing from the trip, but I guess I'd rather have them enjoy it without it being work.

Also, I'm pretty pumped Jeff's referring to "Bawoo" in three separate GB media thingies (QL, something else I can't remember, and this podcast.) Clearly, we should all be watching out so the kids don't get a hold of that stuff. Ryan's probably keeping the feds posted, though, so no worries.

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The E3 podcasts were the best they've ever done, so no.

But yes, these were good too.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: Good point, sir. Well, I didn't mean to rank them, as much as I wanted to say they were great! Might edit the title to clarify.

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I've always enjoyed the Game of the Year Bombcasts the most. That being said, "INFINITE BEARDS!"

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Correct. Best in a loooooong time (and it's always good).

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Jeff's got dat Bawoo in the Deadliest Warrior Legends quick look, as well.

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Ending was great.

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Guess I'm in the minority. I have absolutely no interest in that arcade event so hearing them discuss it for pretty much the entire show was a bore.