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Poll: So who is going to guest star on the Bombcast this week (63 votes)

Rorie 14%
Alexis 35%
Dave 3%
Giancarlo 3%
Dr. Sbaitso hooked up to a apple voiceover 11%
Peter Molyneux's Milo 33%

With Jeff and Brad out of the office this coming Monday this is going to be an interesting one and I wonder who's going to be the guest star.

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Danny O'Dwyer since he's just arrived in town. Also Sbaitso.

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@korwin said:

Danny O'Dwyer since he's just arrived in town.

Fuck man, I really hope they do something with that dude!

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It's gonna be Alexis and Rorie, and you all know it!

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Fart Cat

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I hope it is Milo, i'm worried for that guy... Whats Molyneux doing with him?

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@mattf87: Stop hitting me Sir I don't like. No don't draw another frowny face.