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I'm listening to the podcast right now and I heard that the crew complaining that the research process is quite tedious and intimidating for people. "What's the best dishwasher?" and going all over the place trying to figure out whats the best.

The best place on the internet is ConsumerSearch.com

This is not a normal review site, what they do is not review the stuff but take other people's data from credible sources like PC mag, Laptop Mag, CNET, Consumer Reports, MotorTrend and attempt to find similarities between the sites for a judgement. This prevents you encountering a bad review from one site vs another who has a widely different opinion. This narrows down your results. What's best is ConsumerSearch will also write up a full report and suggestions on "what is the best" for varying price range of low medium high.

Coming from a background who's interest includes cars, laptops, phones, binoculars, multitools, and kitchen knives I can tell you that if you just go out and buy what they suggest it will be considered a very good choice.As an example I worked in a store that sells binoculars and a suggestion of the Bushnell Legend HD 10x42 as a mid range binocular as a very good choice. I personally prefer the Nikon Monarch ATB series, or the Vortex Fury's (discontinued) but the Legends are right next to those binoculars as far as performance and features and to be honest it's more personal preference.

This makes it so you don't have to spend 8 hours to a month learning all there is about binoculars. Chances are if you buy what ConsumerSearch suggests it will be a good choice for the given price range.

Hope this helps!