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I remember this being discussed awhile back. Am I thinking of the wrong game?

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I remember this being discussed awhile back. Am I thinking of the wrong game?

Never heard about that. Not even in the super early trailers. The only difference was that he once had his sleeves down but now they are rolled up.

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That's racist? I think?

Shit, I don't know know anymore.

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No, he wasn't.

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@mikkaq said:

That's racist? I think?

Shit, I don't know know anymore.

We need Norman Chan to confirm whether or not this is indeed racist.

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Aw man. I was going to pull a @rorie and say "YOU'RE supposed to be black!" But I feel like now we've both said what needed to be said.

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wait- he's not black?

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Looks like he is supposed to be Clint Eastwood, by his face on the promo posters. Or Chuck Heston. Got dat "line" mouth and the glarey eyes! Besides, BIOSHOCK 1 SPOILER AHEAD... You played the villain all along in that game, maybe Booker turns out to be the same. Clint Eastwood's chair yelling racism fueled jibber jabber falls inline with Comstock's world.

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He's not white, clearly he's Chinese

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No, he wasn't.

If Booker T was the protagonist, it would be the greatest game of all time.

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Booker T had those crazy flame pants in WcW/NWO Revenge.

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You're thinking of his adopted great-grandson Howard, who always goes around introducing himself by singing "THIS IS HOWIE DEWITT!".

Because of this, he is greatly disliked. But deep down, everybody knows that they would do the same thing if their name was "Howard DeWitt". Find out more in my upcoming fanfic, "Songbird Something Something Ponies". Also, keep an eye out for my YouTube video which supercuts a bunch of scenes of Elizabeth emoting while "Crawling" by Linkin Park plays in the background. I'm not saying I'm an artistic visionary, but I'm totally an artistic visionary.

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Sounds possible, but, based on what little I know about the game, if he was indeed supposed to be black then the game would've been more of a stealth game if you catch my drift.

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Since racism is a prevalent theme(? according to some users) Booker being black wouldn't be entirely out of the question.

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He's white but, as others have said, I think it would have been interesting for him to be black due to the racial themes.

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Spin-a-roonie Vigor confirmed in the game.