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Poll: Which sword did you choose? (99 votes)

Sword of Life 37%
Sword of Flames 25%
Sword of Summoning 11%
What are those? All I've got is a chocolate covered Diamond sword. 4%
How do you get chocolate? 1%
Results 21%

Which sword did you choose and how are you enjoying it. I went with the Sword of Life because I was having HP problems and it seemed like a safe choice. You know exactly what a Sword of Life is going to do. I only have 118HP to begin with so a little help in the HP department was sorely needed. I wish I had gone with one of the more interesting swords and now I want to know more about them. So, tell me what you think of your sword.

#1 Posted by SexyToad (2759 posts) -

I got the sword of flames. I slash through enemies now.

#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

Flames. The lategame enemies seem to rely more on being able to cut them up before my invincibility potions run out, so ++damage it is.

#3 Edited by GorillaMoPena (2288 posts) -

I used the Sword of Flames because it is what I had access to. It seemed fine, life wasn't anything I really felt the need to have too much of.

#4 Posted by ThePhantomStranger (382 posts) -

Sword of Life because it was the only option at the time and I always go for more health buffs when given the option.

Kind of regretting it in the late game though.

#5 Posted by RJPelonia (863 posts) -

Summoning. Having a meat shield (candy shield?) is pretty nice, especially when fighting ghosts since they do no damage to my familiar. Though not always the biggest help like when fighting the dragon or something.

#7 Edited by Joystick_Hero (29 posts) -

Life is probably the worst sword in this game. I thought it would regen HP per hit, but it only gives you something if you kill an enemy. Late game encounters have so few guys to cut through that it hardly helps at all. Flames would seem to be where it's at.

#8 Posted by SexyToad (2759 posts) -

I'm assuming life is leading because everyone seems to be missing out on the scrolls. Not many would choose the scrolls over 3x the candies or lollipops.