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So IGN are doing a Making of Dark Souls 2 with From with part one on their site now and it is incredibly interesting. There are some spoilers about some mechanics and areas if people want to avoid those. They also did an unboxing of the collectors edition if you're into that.

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I saw the video. It's good stuff. I already forgot some of new environments that were shown because I put my focus on what was being said.

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One of the Programmers said something about the team always having Next-Gen hardware in mind when thinking of Dark Souls 2.

Probably nothing, but hey, it's fun to run wild with random sentences.

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That was a really interesting bit about the torches. I'll admit that when they first introduced them I assumed it was just to get you playing without a shield but I hadn't even thought of how else that fire might be used.

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It was nice to see that actual humans make these games. I used to play a ton of Armored Core, so seeing From was neat.

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8:37 in the video someone on the Dark Souls Team is a big Hatsune Miku fan! =D

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Seems pretty neat, sort of implies they won't have a gearcheck type boss, but we'll see.