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Add Encyclopedia Bombastica to the videos menu on the main site options menu.
I wanted to watch a recent one and while I don't mind looking at each one for publication date, it is a pain to have to look at multiple pages to find it.
Figured it might be cool to have an option added to this menu to make things easier for us users.

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This seems like something better suited to the Editing & Tools forum.

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There is a video search tool. If you type in "Encyclopedia" is shows you all those videos

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i get what he is saying.
i really wanted subsections on the list like if you take endurance run its all lumped together in one big mess.
i really would love if it was like folder based, maybe not directly but the same idea that you go in to the section endurance run then the subsection is persona, chrono trigger, deadly premonition vinny/jeff, deadly premonition brad/ryan
or in the subscriber section it would be, BLLL, TNT, Unpro friday, dailly dota, breaking brad, and so on.
i know it might be a hassle to do and even if they wanted to do it, it would be really low priority
the video search tool is great but if i am for example looking for a specific tnt but cant remember the date, and only have the image to go for it can be a bit of a hazzle