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#1 Posted by jinxman (527 posts) -

does game pause really need to be a concept?  are there even more than 20 games that can't pause besides arcade games?  and of those, how many are too old to remember?  it just seems a waste of space to have every game connects because they all have the pause "feature"
#2 Posted by twenty0ne (3056 posts) -

Don't delete it. It's all part of the Wiki feature...

#3 Posted by SultS (92 posts) -

I agree, it should be deleted. If anything, then there should ONLY be concept for games, which don't have the pause function.

#4 Posted by Daniel (1557 posts) -

I've deleted the game pause page, there is a no pause concept page, which will be more useful than a page that includes most every game.