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Well, I don't know if it'll stick past the alpha but I made the "GB VinnCo" clan.


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Oh shit that reminds me. Where do those big factions like Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult work into the gameplay?

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Just asked for an approval. I'm DevilsAlias.. Sounds like fun man.

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How do you sign up for clans? Definitely keen to jump into this.

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@itwongo: When I'm out doing the explore missions some mention "The future war cult needs you to do blank". I don't seem to be getting any rep points but maybe in the full game. They do have reputation vendors for each.

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@atesh42: First off how the hell/where is the Clan stuff?

Secondly who do I need to see in order to join the Vinnco forces?

Edit: My PSN is GTCknight the exact same as it is here.

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Where the hell is the clan options?

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Just make sure to post about this at release, too.

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I just sent a request to invite! marcaractac is me

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OK guys, go here:https://alpha.bungie.net/#context=profile then sign in with your bungie junk. Then you will see on the left hand side of the screen a bar. There you want to go into clans or groups and search for


Then just ask to join. Might want to drop a line here. In case our benevolent overlord doesn't recognize u.

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@atesh42: Just thought I'd let you know I've joined the clan. I use the same PSN ID as the one here: GTCknight.

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Just joined.

PSN: Killfest

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Requested to join. Name is mcmahamg.

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Alright, so after @hadestimes, I opened up memberships so anyone that wanted to should've been able to join.

I'm a little curious what the difference between Clanmates, Members, and Followers as the numbers are 5/11/11.

Has anyone noticed an in game effect yet? I haven't had time to check it out yet.

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Thanks for setting this up, I just joined it :D

Totally wearing my VinnCo. shirt today.

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@atesh42: Well as of now I'm a member of the clan not just the group. I didn't notice anything earlier when I was playing (one or two minutes ago), but I was only apart of the group then so maybe it'll be different when get on later.

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so the clan stuff isn't in game. what good is it?

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Joined - PSN ID: Mr187UK

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@devil240z: Just a way to find people to play with, exactly like clans in Diablo.

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Have joined in, Cuzza0 is PSN id.

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Joined ! PSN ID is Syn-X57

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KiteCo might rebel.

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I joined up. PSN is Aurin13

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so the clan stuff isn't in game. what good is it?

I'm pretty sure it's just not in the alpha. Come full game I think you can expect some sort of in-game clan features as well.

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Requested to join. ID is NegativeCero.

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Requested to join, my ID is epr_prime. Looking forward to planning with you duders!

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I requested to join. My Bungie ID is MooseyMcMan, I think. It might show as my PSN name, JusticeMoose.

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I also requested to join and my id is riostarwind. It could also show up as neverending since that's my psnid.

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I'd like to join.

Bungie: Irvandus

PSN: Tbone110

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Just requested to join. PSN is same as here, Camelizer.

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Joined. See you there

PSN: SumJuGei

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PSN: consaw24

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PSN: Magistic

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Joined PSN: FSUNuge86

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Oh benevolent overlord, I have also applied.

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I'm on Xbox one and I think that's where I'll be doing my Destiny. My live and psn handle are the same. I just like the controller of the one over the ps4. When the One beta starts are you guys running a Vinco group/clan?

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Joined up.

PSN: darkjohnny47

P.S. if anyone wants to friend me, go for it.

I'll definitely be pre-ordering and will be in the beta as well.

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I just joined PSN: x_Lava_x

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Just joined.

PSN: SB75_

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Even though the beta just ended, I joined!

Prep for the beta / full game.

PSN: enf0o

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Signed up. Matt_F606

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GB VinnCo has survived Alpha!

Also, for those that are confused groups appear to only be for the Bungie forums while Clans are for in game.