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I'm eagerly awaiting Diablo 3 on ps4. So even though it's week from release I thought I would start this thread.

PSN: NonSequitur777

Class: Wizard or Warlock... or Crusader

Although I indend to try each class for some number of levels, so I'll be happy to reroll if someone is starting a new character

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Pretty sure Diablo 3 on PS4 is a lot longer from release than a week.

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@spaceinsomniac: December 31st

Now only 6 days!

I have not played diablo since the expansion for diablo 2.

I'm excited!

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@basm321 said:

@spaceinsomniac: December 31st

Nope. Release date has not been announced, at all. They haven't even confirmed if it's coming in 2014 or not.

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Sounds like a placeholder date when a game is presumed to release in 2013. There hasn't been an official release date announcement yet for the PS4 version, just the PC version - which I believe is in March. So it's still months off, maybe even more than half a year, if it doesn't ship alongside the PC version.

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@basm321: Sorry to burst your bubble but that is 100% a placeholder date.

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I... Am bummed D}: 3 buds and I were planning to play couch coop... Well, I have $65... Now what?

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@basm321: I would say hold on to it until the game does come out, but no idea how long that will be.

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The hour now grows near!

PSN ID: Porbes

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PSN: theimmortalbum

Add me! Getting it tonight.

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Got it preloaded and ready to go!!


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PSN: DirtySkidMarcs

Got a level 60 Witch Doctor for Inferno, plus the Crusader for a new game.

feel free to add me

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PSN: AcidBrandon

Won't do any MP till I hit 70 though as I'm running Hardcore for the first time and want the trophy.

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I'm in.

PSN: catsfomeyow

Just started last night... Level 12 or so. Bit disappointed when I died and could revive myself right where I died with what seemed to be no penalty. That will make the game pretty easy compared to when I played a long time ago when it came out on PC.

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Hey Duders! PSN is Kravers

About level 23 or so. Add me!

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PSN: StormWolf34

Just be sure to let me know you're from gb. I accept real name requests too in case you are a stickler about that. It may be Friday afternoon before I can actually put in some real time with the game as I'm currently in a week and a half long training program for the bank teller job I start next week so just FYI.