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I mean, it's probably there as a nod to the original series, and the way you originally see it maybe sets the reboot up as a sort of pseudo-prequel, but the first time I saw it having finished Vergil in Devil Trigger I thought I'd come across a bug. Maybe it's because he's still got the coat on (the other skins look great), but it just seems off...

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I feel like most skins, alternate costumes and palette swaps usually look worse than the default designs, actually. Not just in DMC but in fighting games... just games in general, really.

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Well presumably there's a fair bit more effort and focus testing the goes into the default model, so I'd understand if it wasn't as refined maybe. I usually like alternate models and such, but don't use them until after the first playthrough is done. More often than not they don't usually look better per se, it's just nice to have a little contrast every now and then.

With this one it seems sort of janky, especially since the first thing I did after completing the game was replay the first level. Even though I'd switched the skin back to the default, I had one or two cutscenes where he's wearing the coat when he shouldn't be, or he's talking to Kat from Limbo and he's still got the slightly longer hair.

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I think it's fine. Nothing to write home about but I dont find it awful either.

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The perma-change to white hair was always going to be part of the plot, folks. Also, his hair isn't the only thing that changes color in DT, his coat does too.

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I like them all except the wife beater one.

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Dark Dante is cool

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The perma-change to white hair was always going to be part of the plot, folks.

Yeah, which is fine and everything, I just found it odd because his hair actually gets a little longer and the style changes. If it'd been more of a Leland Palmer thing I probably wouldn't have noticed.

I actually like the Neo Dante skin from the DLC, but haven't found much cause to buy it.