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After playing LoL for a while and just starting to get the hang of it, I've been waiting for Dota for ages.

Finally the Mac version is out and I gave it a try. So far so good, did the two tutorials then a bot match with a friend on my side (2 vs bots). Was fine, went to play another, selected a hero and... crash.

Now everytime I select a Hero, it crashes on "Play". Other tutorials, bot matches, anything. A search reveals the same problem for loads of people, including sound glitches, missing announcer (I had this also).

How on earth can Valve release the game in this state? I get that it's a Beta but you have to be able to play it to test it, surely. Bad show, Valve. Bad show.

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IIRC the Mac version of TF2 was busted for a bit after it released, too. If you give it time, I'm sure they'll eventually stabilize it.

For now, I get that it sucks that you can't play at all. Seems like it's a widespread issue, so I would expect them to be working pretty hard to get it fixed within a week or two. I guess if you're impatient, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling Dota?

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Thanks dude. Have tried a reinstall this eve, same issue. Guess ill wait it out.

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I'm just glad there is a mac client at all!

I plan on watching TI 3 with my macbook at work now that it's a go.

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@mattkb said:

Thanks dude. Have tried a reinstall this eve, same issue. Guess ill wait it out.

Yeah, sounds like waiting it out is your best bet at this point, then. It sucks that that's the only answer, but such is the way of things sometimes.

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I've been a bit gutted this evening trying to get it to work myself. Very glitchy and there's no sound. Have to wait for an update sadly. Still, it was free so I suppose I should shut up.

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I've had good luck running it on my Mac. My only issues are sound related. Good luck, duder.