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Hey guys, I just want to say, that if you are new to Dota (perhaps because of one Bradly Shoemaker) that you should definitely hop into the GiantBomb chat channel.

I had only played against bots, and I joined the channel yesterday and got into a few newbie matches. There were some experts in there too who were super helpful and gave me some good tips on how to play etc.

Definitely a good place to go before digging into matchmaking!

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I approve of this post.

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I stopped going in there because it was always empty, but I really should hang out in there more.

At the moment I'm in the /v/ channel by default which is kinda fucked up. The things these eyes have seen...

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Played some games with dudes from the GB channel and it was a good time.

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@sweep: We now have between 60 to 100 all the time and a few in house games a day.

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Played a couple matches tonight with some duders, awesome fun and way better than the horror I had been experiencing through solo-queue.

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I've been using the channel to play beginner games against other humans. Been working out pretty well.

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I thought this thread was about some sort of general Giant Bomb channel for a moment. :(

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Someone should probably sticky this thread.

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Yeah getting a group together in giantbomb chat is WAY better than going on your own into a pub. It has spoiled me into never playing solo whatsoever. People are generally much cooler and helpful there. Just make sure you let the people you group with know that you are a new player. Most I have found will be happy to help you learn the ropes, as would I!

If you're new to Dota, DONT PLAY PUB GAMES! I hate it when people get turned off of Dota, not because they dislike the game or some mechanic, but because they just get berated for feeding or general poor play. Play with cool people, get better, go kill things, win games, have fun, be awesome!