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Poll: Whats your favourite filling for a doughnut? (147 votes)

Jam. 16%
Chocolate. 5%
Custard. 19%
Cream. 14%
Other filling. 3%
No filling. 42%

It's your birthday, your friend decides to treat you to a doughnut/donut and she/he asks you what filling do you want, you then say __________ thanks!

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"Its Tuesday, motherfucker! Its a great day for a donut! Bis-markee,____thanks!"

(Or custard.)

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I love Boston Cream!

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I remember having two different types of fillings in donuts. One of them was chocolate and it was the best one, not sure what the other one was (it was some sort of cream and it was a bit sickening).

Chocolate sounds like the best one out of all of those. I can kinda see why you'd say jam (though you'd be wrong), but custard? You people are crazy.

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I just wanted to say I have never had a donut. In fact I have never seen a donut in my life.

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God I miss a good donut, the island of Oahu is not a place to be if you are a donut person.

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I must say, I'm partial to a Jam Donut.

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No filling, aka donut filling.

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boston creeeeeeeeme

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Raspberry jam is the only answer AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE.

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Filling? What am I? A monster?

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I don't like any kind of filling in doughnuts. As for favorite type I love cinnamon sugar doughnuts.

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Jam filling. Nothing fancy.

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Somebody bought Donuts into work today, no filling and no topping.

Kind of a letdown.

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@rorie said:

boston creeeeeeeeme

Fuck yeah! Custard all the way! A Bavarian creme is awesome too.

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I haven't had many doughnuts filled with stuff. Jam wins by default.

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I'm not fond of fillings, I don't mind some icing on the top of a doughnut but just a plain doughnut is fine.

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Chocolate or nothing. Fuck custard !

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No filling!

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Boston Cream. From Tim Horton's.

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I hate fillings in doughnuts.

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Jam is where it is at, raspberry, boysenberry, or blackberry so you get all those little crunchy seeds.

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I love Boston Cream!

@rorie said:

boston creeeeeeeeme

Boston Cream. From Tim Horton's.

boston cream, ride or die motherfuckers. accept no imitations. special shout out to timmy ho's.

although i will admit i enjoy a good berliner from time to time.

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Filling's a good way to ruin a perfectly fine doughnut.

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Boston Cream. From Tim Horton's.

I just love Boston Creme donuts from anywhere! The only donut that can come close to it as being the best donut is a glazed donut.

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All about dat lemon, man.

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But not really, most people hate jelly donuts.

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@equitasinvictus said:

I love Boston Cream!

@rorie said:

boston creeeeeeeeme

@sinusoidal said:

Boston Cream. From Tim Horton's.

boston cream, ride or die motherfuckers. accept no imitations. special shout out to timmy ho's.

although i will admit i enjoy a good berliner from time to time.

Throw my hat in with these fine fellows.

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I picked jam. If there must be a filling, any kind of jam works.

I prefer a nice glazed donut though.

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No filling. I like a good chocolate cake donut.

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Strawberry jelly is the best.

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The doughnut situation in the UK is a bit pish compared to your fucking Homer Simpson fantasy land over in the states. That being said, an Aulds Devon doughnut is an epicurean delight even Dale Cooper would commend.

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Lemon filling

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No filling. A doughnut with a hole, glazed with chocolate coating and sprinkles. Murder that.

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How is chocolate so low on the list!

It's like the best filling

Zero respect for the jam eaters

All that fruity taste with the dough isn't good

Not like chocolate, the best flavour

Great question 10/10

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I almost never eat donuts with filling, though I do occasionally like a boston cream. Old fashioned chocolate glazed from Tim Horton's is the shit.

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Actually, I like em without filling the best, glazed donuts are especially good.

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Custard, everything else is wrong and you should all be ashamed of yourselves

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Jelly Rocks!

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You didn't create an account just to ask this did you?

Anyhow, I fucking LOVE raspberry filled bismarks. I buy one like every time I go to the grocery store.

So yeah, jam.