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#51 Posted by ThePickle (4153 posts) -

Yes. It's a fantastic game.

#52 Edited by HistoryInRust (6274 posts) -

I think I was right in the throes of Mass Effect fever when I tried to play this. Didn't connect with me at all. Just a total bore.

Maybe I'll pick it up and give it another shot.

#53 Posted by tourgen (4427 posts) -

@zolroyce said:

@flappy said:

Morrigan is the greatest, isn't she?

Compliments? Morrigan disapproves, minus 10 hearts.

GODAMMIT F*CK THIS B*TCH... Guess I'll go for Leliana instead...

hahaha yeah she really is the best. her character really goes places too.

#54 Posted by Elyk247 (366 posts) -

I remember that you have to do the Fade stuff first otherwise the mages wouldn't come to help that kid or whatever.

I never thought the Fade was so terrible, but the Deep Roads were pretty aggravating. Not only was it tough, but it was also the longest portion of the game by far.

#55 Posted by Syndrom (351 posts) -

i bought it in the sale recently but i can't get in to the combat. for some reason it's really overwhelming for me