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Someone on the webdev team thought it would be a neat idea to keep loading pictures instead breaking the page. Someone seems to have 32GB of System Memory and doesn't mind?

I do.

Anyone know a way to batch-edit (or even delete!) 100+ pictures without letting them load in the browser first? A text-based browser doesn't work with this fancy javascript **** future, we now live in.

At least, I am so polite to NOT ask, WHY one would think, dynamic page loading was a "good idea". I guess, it reduces server-load and page-hits? And I thought page-hits is what you all are looking for? Maybe I am just old, and don't understand the web.

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The edit prompt loads before the picture for it does, so you could potentially load a page, stop it mid-load, and edit like that. But that still leaves a lot to be desired. Still, better than the captioning system.