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Can't find a concept page for this, but this is a thing that I think could warrant a concept page, though I'm not sure what it would be called.

The Warfighter Nations in Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Capital Conquest (Ace Combat Assault Horizon) metagames are web sites the games hook into, where you sign up with a Nation or in-game faction of your liking, and then have the scores of the matches you play contribute to a larger competition between the nations or factions on the web site, often divided into seasons which could range from a few days to a couple of months. To some degree I guess MAG, Dust 514 and Planetside 2 do a similar thing, but there the conflicts are much more directly represented in the game, with a lot more back and forth as players battle for specific regions, whereas the thing Ace Combat and Medal of Honor does is a bit more abstracted from the games themselves - you still play your regular death matches, team deathmatches or capture and hold modes on the regular maps, and it doesn't matter who you're teamed up with in game, but your personal score is then tallied up and added to the faction you've registered with on the community website.

Is there already a concept page for this I just can't find, should there be, and if so, anyone have an idea of what it should be called?