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What if a game entered open beta, was playable etc. for a while, and then it was shut down before officially "going gold"? Do we call it canceled, since they technically killed it during development? Or do we say it launched when the "open beta" started?

Mostly I'm wondering what to do with Fifa Online (you can see the history of it here, under "FIFA Online by EA Sports").

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I remember that Wish was the same way. Not sure if that helps or not.

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I say not released. Beta is just that, a beta, a test run to show what should be fixed last second. That's part of the development cycle so I say cancelled.

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I think we have to nail down the definition of a Beta. There are many 'betas' which are run while the game is going gold (or has gone gold) so the definition currently seems fluid. Technically isn't Playstation Home still a beta? They have been charging for bits and pieces as well as making promotional area's for various games. I would say that when Playstation Home closes that should be treated like any full product and that the "beta" tag stopped being true a long time.

I would suggest that currently each game would have to be decided individually.