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While many games have different publishers and developers for different regions, some do not. It would save time if it were possible to select regions with a checkbox, rather than a dropdown where only one can be selected for this reason.

Additionally, why is the UK highlighted in releases, but there is no generic "Europe" for releases not limited to the UK, and why are there no other countries listed?

I feel that the entire release structure is in need of a revamp. There should be one release page, which displays a table. The grid would have the various countries and publishers under those countries. Wiki editors could fill in that grid over time. This would be much easier to digest as a reader (especially when there are so many releases for some games), and have the added advantage of comparing one release to another. There is a reason that data of this type are usually displayed in a table. The current continuous page is a bit 1990s.

After the table, interesting differences between versions could be listed in paragraph format (e.g. curse words removed for a particular country release, nudity removed for a particular country release, music changes, etc...)