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Was just browsing through some concepts and I noticed a bunch of them just use generic related screenshots now. Is this an admin decision?

Previously pages like Player-owned Houses and Interior Decorating had images of the Monopoly house and Martha Stewart, respectively.

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@sodacat: I just browsed through a bunch and the main thumbnails are still pretty goofy, as expected.

I see what you mean with Interior Decorating (my page). I probably put that Martha Stewart image in because I had no better screenshot choice at the time. A goofy thumbnail was better than none, and my personal belief is that many screenshots make absolutely lousy thumbnails, you have to be careful and more than once I've had to snap my own to do a page justice.

However, keeping a large collection of related screenshots is a movable feast in my opinion. They can evolve to suit the relevance of the page, and concepts really just need "encyclopaedic" reference pics. They are not diminished by not being a catalog of images across multiple platforms. Those same images should exist in the game's wiki that is linked from the concept.

In the previous version of the wiki, it was entirely possible for a user to take initiative and tidy up the photos. Honestly I haven't learned how to remove image associations on the current site. :(