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Just heard this on the news, so I haven't taken the time to research a little more on this topic, but has anyone heard about Apple's lawsuit against "In-App Purchases?"

Parents seem to be pissed, and I'm wondering if all of a sudden, could the "freemium" game structure of mobile games could be forcibly altered?

Love to hear other people's inputs, and if someone knows more about it than I, please share. Also, curious as to what everyone thinks about what this potentially might mean/what Apple might have to do.

Hope everyone's Wednesday is great :)

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You have to be careful with those in app purchases and yes I agree, they should be stopped.

Thank you! I hope your Wednesday is a good day too!

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I agree - I think they should make illegal the ability to tie your credit card into a certain app and allow it to be charged while the app is running. You should need to make any purchases for apps outside of the app or ahead of time, so that people can make less impulse buy decisions, and so that the game cannot stop your progress until you feed it some dollars.