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We've all done some pretty wierd stuff with Gmod. Very wierd stuff in some cases. But what's the single most CRAZY thing you've built in gmod?
Mine's one of those old Looney Tunes style step-by-step traps that happen slowly, ending in a nuke that crashes your computer. Good times...

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My favourite GMod past time is to conjure various creative ways to use Kleiner. I've had him catapulted, attacked by hordes of antlions, driving a bike-vehicle while mowing down combine, kicking antlions, dancing to 'Sharp Dressed Man', and so on.

On another note, doesn't this belong in the Garry's Mod forum?

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Yeah, I find it very weird when I find forums in the wrong places so much on this site. I mean, the forums are right at the bottom of the pages! lol!

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I think it's because people don't actually know how the system works just yet - in time they'll start getting it I'm sure :)
I'm sure moderators will have the ability to move posts around, so at least they'll be able to filter topics to the correct forums in the future.

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Yeah, sorry guys.

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I made a gladiator-ring with zombies and combines. you just set up two containers with a door that you can control with ropes, then use something to create walls around. for more fun you can place a camera over the ring and make it show it on a tv, so you can see the action on a tv for example. I was so proud of myself when I got it to work^^. and in a online game I made a flying couch with a seat you could sit in, with machineguns on both sides and a spear in the middle. Gmod is awesome.

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I remember making an entire house with multiple floors, rooms, a roof, walls and doors which was fully furnished and painted.
A friend who was on the server at the time tried to move the sofa and accidentally moved the floor, causing the whole house to black hole in to one spinning mess, throwing furniture and corpses across the map.
I was devastated. I haven't looked him in the eye to this day.

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ReTarDedFisHy has made some crazy sh*t plyaying GMod, but his personal favorite was the Merry-go-round of DOOM. Crazy contraption of death using multiple axles, levers, and thrusters, based on the little playground spinning thing (except bigger. alot bigger). You think it's all fun and games when you're riding it, until someone gets launched (then it just becomes 'LOL'). After a set time, dynamite 'splodes, extrapowered thrusters ignite and sends the player flying to his imminent death.

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Watched a guy make a trebuchet once, that was pretty mental.

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has anyone seen that Rube Goldberg Machine someone from Diggnation made? thats cool!

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Phantom said:
"has anyone seen that Rube Goldberg Machine someone from Diggnation made? thats cool!"
Garry ran a competition on the Facepunch forums for the longest Rube Goldberg contraption made in GMod -  the thread is here - it's old but there's some great stuff there, if you search the forums there's even more contraptions people have made all over the place.
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I'm terrible at Gmod so the craziest thing I've built is a chair attached to a pole with boosters on it, so you can fly around.

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I attatch alyx to a rope thats attached to my dune buggy so she drags around behind me