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Hopefully Suda can still make crazy games after this. Shadows of the damned was great for the most part.

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So punk IS dead?

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Oh man. Hopefully they can still pursue crazy ideas, with more resources! But that's probably optimistic thinking.

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@SagaciousJones said:

So punk IS dead?


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Ragnarok Chainsaw of the Damned 2?

Hell, that doesn't sound too bad actually, I hope Suda makes that! As long as it is crazy I'm in pretty much.

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Suda 51 MMO?

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I have high hopes! I don't think you buy a company like grasshopper without knowing full well what you are getting into.

Worst case I dont see Suda "selling out" so he'll move on if need be.

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Weird news.

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@SagaciousJones said:

So punk IS dead?