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The only games that make me sick (literally with my head spining, eyes hurting and motion sicknees) are from 15 years ago since my eyes are now used to AAA games with good framerate and decent graphics. Aliens: Colonial Marines did just that. I've played 15 minutes and i had to stop. And 15 minutes have passed and i'm still feeling sick. I don't understand how gearbox makes games that go from horrible to good to horrible. Duke Nukem then Borderlands then Aliens. And how can they have the nerves to ask for a full retail price for this and then ask for a season pass when the standart quality of games nowadays are well above from what they gave us. One thing is certain. I will never trust gearbox again to buy their games in its realease date. This is literally a ripoff.

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Sounds like you're having an issue with the game's FOV (field of view). If you're playing them on PC, I'm sure there's a way for you to change it--via options, a quick fix, or something.


And most high-profile games have a season pass. This is nothing new. You probably should have read reviews before throwing $60 at Aliens in either case.

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Well DNF didn't stay at that $60 price for too long, and since Aliens is going down a similar path here it'll probably drop in price sometime soon. Could you return it?

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Well i'm playing on xbox360 so you can imagine my problem... No unfortunelly i can't return it and yes you are absolutelly right. i should wait for opinions after the release date but in this case i was really hoping for a good title. It's not that i should buy my games only because of the reviews since there are cases when i don't agree with them but in this case... i was only with high hopes that after the duke nukem fiasco they wouldn't do another one of those but they did...

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At least you don't have the flu like me. I really should have gotten the shot.

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I would rather have the flu for 3 or 4 days than to have the money i payed for this game disapear from my wallet forever.

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Oh, I thought this was going to be about the J. Vasquez comic book.

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It is so bad that U FUCKING THREW UP