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is there any chance of the stream from the other day being archived?

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It's on the Twitch channel.

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but i watch on youtube on ps3, cause twitch app on 360 is godawful

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@dangeruss04: At the very end of the stream, Vinny said no promises about an archive.

Then again, I think he was just trolling as I can't think of a live event recently that wasn't archived. The guys may just take a bit longer since it's 8 hours long.

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the 24 hour one was up pretty quick

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Does anyone know if the archived twitch version is the same quality as GB's archived hd version? From past streams it seemed like GB's version was higher quality but I'm not sure.

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the 24 hour one was up pretty quick


Yeah, but don't worry. It was recorded on a Friday. I'm sure it'll be up this week. I still haven't finished Brad's section of Extra Life 2013!

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It will probably be up on Monday.

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@joeyravn: i actually finished the crew's part, haven't even started brad's