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There is just too much alien stuff in the game for it to not be continued.

Frozen alien in the ice at the beginning.

Space ship parts

Sunken UFO in the ocean

Alien side mission

Alien abduction in a main story mission

The UFO that flies above Mt. Chiliad

And I'm sure there is more because of the image of the pyramid shape that you can find.

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There is a symbol on the ground on Mt. Chiliad under the platform with the telescope.

But before Alien DLC there will be a heist pack. There is a casino and military base that aren't touched at all in the story. Add in a mansion heist or a kidnapping and that's enough for a sizable set of missions.

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great...i should NOT have read this topic. I know you said "spoilers" but the game is so vast, I didn't think I was risking spoiling anything. Boy was I wrong.

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The spoiler is right in the title dude LOL.

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That's a jetpack there...

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Another UFO has been found. Above Fort Zancudo, it shines a light shaped like an eye down onto a bunker with an elevator on floor -1

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Driving by the shore up northwest and seeing the fog over the ocean, it made me want some kind of Cthulu/Lovecraft DLC. San Andreas does have its fair share of cults after all. Or hell, walking around Paleto Bay made me want Twin Peaks DLC. Or rather just weird supernatural mystery DLC in general.

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Yes, please.

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The alien in the ice if you haven't seen it.

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