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From a link in the GB chat, the trailer now on Rockstars' Youtube. Same one from the Sony conference but now with Xbox One / PC at the end.

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So glad this ended up being announced. I skipped this last year just for this scenario.

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Cool, it's about time they announce that. Itd be stupid for them to not release it on PC at all. Lets hope the wait means it will be a good port.

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cool, that game was ok and more people should be able to play it

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Buying it again on the PC, my cousin has my 360 copy anyway

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Cool, it's about time they announce that. Itd be stupid for them to not release it on PC at all. Lets hope the wait means it will be a good port.

Yeah, I really hope they do a good job with the PC version. GTA IV and the Episodes seemed to work just fine for me though and looked nice, so I'm not worried.

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Will definitely buy it again, either on PC or on the Xbox (if I get an Xbox. I'm considering it). I was just playing it again yesterday. Say what you will about the story (I like it, lots complain though for some reason), the gameplay is great. The cars are fun to drive, the shooting is quite good, and the environment still is pretty crazy.

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I... don't think I want to play that game again, even at a higher resolution/framerate. I found it to be ultimately really disappointing and rather flawed. Cool that it's indeed out there on PC and current gen all the same, though. That's not a game that should be eternally restricted at the comparative choppiness of its PS3/360 version.

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Now I'm wondering...will Heists launch with these? Or are those now just dead pipe dreams?

Either way, I'm still probably going to get it for PC so I can finally play with a friend who has been waiting for it. Wonder if characters will transfer.

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I'll definitely get this once it hits 5-10$ on PC. I already have something like 250 hours on the PS3 version and i'm good for a good long while. I still boot it up every now and then and mess around in single player. It will be fun to mess with mods if they're supported and hopefully given how absolutely stellar the Max Payne 3 port was it's not going to be a complete shitshow on PC at launch this time. They have a lot of practice on that engine now.

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i'll get it for Xbox One if there is a good price break for 360 players, worth having installed to the hard drive to mess around with, but there's no way I'm going back through that story mode. Not that it was bad, I quite liked it, but who has the time to replay a game that long unless it's a stone cold masterpiece?

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I'm getting it on XONE day one.

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Finally I can experience the Rockstar brand of terrible shooting controls for a new generation (actually, I'll probably go the PC route depending on how good of a port it is - also not trolling, just poking fun because it's true, but still excited to play it).

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I'll get it on PC for mods but I don't think I can go through with the story again, it's just forever long and wasn't very fun except for the first heist and the one in the office building.

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@andrewb: I haven't played in a while (mostly because I'm too lazy to boot up my 360, though I may start playing the Halo games again soon) but while I always thought the shooting mechanics were fine, I remember finding the shoot-while-driving mechanics to be pretty bad. At least when trying to do anything but drive perfectly straight with no obstacles around. I mean, you get used to it but that's a big gripe I read a lot of people had.

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Woo! GTA looking better than ever. Definitely getting this, I never finished it on 360.

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Picking this up for sure.

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Glad I waited. Kind of knew this would happen.

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Wonder what the price point will be and will that put people off getting it on PC? I can see it being a full price game on the consoles. Also wonder if they'll introduce the upgrade for it?

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Got it on 360 but I have no issues about buying this game a 2nd time on PS4 I liked it so much

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had a feeling about this and what the hell, I enjoyed it the first time around. As @jesus_phish said I'd love to know if they do an upgrade thing like they did woth COD, Battlefield, ect.

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Anybody know what the specifics of the online character platform transfer are?

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@piropeople13: I'd imagine all you have to do is have your gamertag attached to your rockstar social account. All of the multiplayer data is stored server side not locally.