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Relax, I'm not talking about WiiU games here I'm here to pitch everyone a crazy idea. So, Id like to see if it would be possible to pull this off. I was pursuing a bounty today who fled to the military base. Well as I got there they took off in that huge cargo jet that is in the game. As I was watching my target fly away into the distance I had to immediately switch gears into self preservation mode as the entire military base was on alert already and now since my target fled was after solely me.

I managed somehow through sheer luck to get next to a tank and take it. I had grand aspirations at this point of getting outside of the base and absolutely terrorizing the server however these plans were squashed by the fact that the gates on the Airport and Military base don't open online for whatever reason meaning aircraft entry is pretty much required. So I basically was stuck in the base with my new toy. I WANT TO STEAL A FUCKING TANK(s) AND GET IT INTO THE OPEN WORLD.

So, I'd like to see if I can get a crew together and pull this off (PS3 BTW). My plan basically boils down to this....

  • Raise Hell on the base to get tanks to come out of hiding.
  • Have a Cargobob in waiting and fly in and yank the tank up and out of the base.
  • Rinse & Repeat for as many tanks as we want to try to actually get.

The Problems

  • As far as I'm aware once the base is on alert tanks will spawn infinitely. That means besides the entire base of solders, helicopters and whatnot there is the constant threat of being sniped by a tank.
  • SAM sites around Military Air-space. Getting aircraft in or out with the SAM sites guarding the military airspace is going to be TRICKY to say the least. No way of disabling it as far as I know that means whoever is flying is going to have to be good at dodging rockets.
  • If someone dies you will almost always spawn in the swamp below the base making it a pain to get back in.

Is anyone crazy enough to try this? Cause man while I strive to have 1.5 million to outright buy a tank one day stealing one and causing chaos sounds equally fun. Anyone with me?

Any other ideas how to get this done? OPERATION TANK TANK TANK! GO!

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I'm definitely down for this. I have no problem dying repeatedly in pursuit of the glorious tank dream!

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I can help out. I think so long as you stay low to the ground the SAMs don't fire on you, at least when i steal the jet they haven't. We can also have someone waiting around the swamp with a chopper to pick up people and let them parachute into the base, that way the trial and error isn't as frustrating. And scope out a spot that has decent cover so the Cargobob can get low without as much risk from other tanks. And maybe a fourth person in a fast car distracting the army from the tank team.

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I would like to be part of operation TANK TANK TANK.

Edit: NVM, 360 here : (.

Unless someone wants to round up an operation TANK TANK TANK posse 360-side and execute the plan. Then we can claim we have TANK TANK TANKed both platforms.

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I've already done it a few times. Pretty cool for a little while, but got bored pretty fast too. Fun thing to do is drive over the front of people's personal vehicles. You will destroy the wheels and it'll look like a Reliant Robin.

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I'm on 360, or i'd take part.

But some notes, I'm fairly certain you won't be able to save the tanks in your garages, and be wary of blowing up other players cars with them. it's a quick ticket to bad sport time out land.

I've jumped into the fort and stolen jets a few times, if you drive up the hills on the north side of the base (i think it'll be obvious when you're in game) theres an easy way to jump off a hill over the fence.

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@baillie said:

I've already done it a few times. Pretty cool for a little while, but got bored pretty fast too. Fun thing to do is drive over the front of people's personal vehicles. You will destroy the wheels and it'll look like a Reliant Robin.

How did you get it off base?

Apart from that, it seems like a long way from that base to San Andreas where you would do most of your griefing with it, as it seems pointless for anything else really.

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Aight. Well we have three. I think we'll need four at the least to make a decent attempt. I figure two people on the ground to help thin out opposition and actually jack the tanks one person to help drop off and pick up the ground crew if they die and the cargobob pilot.

Obviously the ground crew will be the ones in the most danger. If we can get a 4th person on board im down to try this either Saturday or Sunday night.

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Me! Me! Me! Of course, I'm down for this crazy operation!

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Invite me anytime ! PSN : Eriko1989

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@demoskinos: Well I'm perfectly fine with dying repeatedly and I can't really fly worth a damn, so I'm down for being one of the ground folks getting blown up. Saturday or Sunday night works for me as well.