#1 Posted by Krullban (1220 posts) -

Why do the emails you can respond to say pick a response, but then there is only 1 response?

#2 Posted by Quipido (690 posts) -

I am wondering sbout this too. I finished the game but never figured it out.

#3 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19418 posts) -

Indeed, that was pretty weird. At first, I was excited by the way it was worded because I was expecting Catherine levels of customizing one's email reply, but that wasn't the case.

#4 Posted by probablytuna (3972 posts) -

Might've been an option they cut out of the game, who knows. It was disappointing to know that there aren't multiple replies to choose from.

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So there is never more than one single response to choose? That's a nice oversight, Rockstar. Good stuff. :D

#6 Posted by Yummylee (23094 posts) -

Yeah, I thought I was missing something, like I couldn't find the correct button to preview responses. They had it in GTAIV, though it was very binary, giving you the option between a positive or negative response.

#7 Posted by SeanFoster (897 posts) -

Okay, phew, I thought I was missing something. Always good to know you're not alone.

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every time i had the choice to "pick a response" i pressed on all the buttons but nothing ever happend