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As launch day DLC (no doubt to help promote the new edition of Tomb Raider), Lightning is getting a Tomb Raider-themed costume and gear, including a survivor's axe weapon, a riot shield, and a lot of dirt on her everything. (There is no word on whether Lightning's injuries and deaths become ludicrously graphic while wearing this outfit.)


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That axe is pretty hilarious. Is there an Adam Jensen outfit already?

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@euandewar: Lightning has always had a ridiculous neck

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Well I for one am now going to buy both games at full price.

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No!!!!!! It looks terrible and , it looks terrible :(

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SquarEnix published Skylanders too (in Japan). I demand Lightning get a Drobot costume!

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Awesome. Im so going to have fun with this game.

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I would have preferred a Lightning themed outfit for Lara.

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@soldierg654342 said:

SquarEnix published Skylanders too (in Japan). I demand Lightning get a Drobot costume!

Drobot is in jail, Jeff never took that collect call!

Edit: Oh it was actually Vinny.

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You mean that game that SE said was a failure despite selling 3 million copies or whatever it was at launch (I know they actually ended up making their money back eventually on the game, but still funny they said it was a failure).


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Prices for DLC packs, $3.99 a pop

Additional downloadable content (DLC), including a Tomb Raider “Lara Croft” costume and Yuna’s “Sphere Hunter” costume from FFX-2 provide more ways for players to extend their experience. Both DLC packs will be available for $3.99. Additionally, original Japanese Voice-Overs are available from today until February 25th as a free download. Following this two-week period, the Japanese Voice-Over Pack will be available for $3.99.

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@bigjeffrey: Awesome. Hopefully the store is updated when I get home. I think Ill grab them both. Im weirded out she has no Tifa outfit.

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@demoskinos: If there was a Tifa outfit, that would have been awesome. Though I'm not sure what such a costume's weapon and shield would be.